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Dealing with Mechanics Homework Problems: Hints for College Students

Mechanics assignments may involve mass, weight, vectors, force, movement, velocity, change, scale, elevation, or distance. You could find you have more difficult homework than you know what to do with on a regular basis. The work can be overwhelming to you and you do not want to get behind. Here are a few hints for completing your college Mechanics homework in a timely and successful fashion.


  • Work in your subject library-your field of study will have a library. This library will have attendants who are knowledgeable in your field. Live in that library when you are not in class if you have to do so. There may also be library study groups you will wish to join.
  • Consider using the lab even when you aren’t assigned to use it-you will get a lot of lab work in this class. Putting in extra lab time with help with the work you are assigned. You may have to schedule the lab in order to use it or your lab may have a posted schedule where you can drop in during the open hours. Take a friend if you can, so you two can help each other when problems arise. The lab may be manned with a graduate assistant who can help you. Get as much lab time as you possibly can do.
  • Join a homework team-there will be every kind of homework team that you can imagine on your college campus. Look for one that can help you with Mechanics class. Consider the people in the group; everyone should add something to the group. If you cannot find such a group, take the initiative and create one yourself.
  • Work ahead-it seems a lot of ask for you to work ahead, but this can be as simple as just reading ahead a bit. If the material you ear in the lecture is not 100% new to you, then you will absorb the ideas faster. By reading ahead for just a few nights, you can help the actual work move quicker.

In order to deal with your Mechanics work, you should work in your subject library, consider using the lab for your subject, join a homework team, and work ahead in the class. Using these handy tips will make your mass, weight, vectors, force, movement, velocity, change, scale, elevation, or distance assignment work easier to do.


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