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Is It Necessary To Set Up A Time Schedule For Doing Your Homework

There needs to balance in all areas of life, which includes work and play. Students definitely need time to rest, but they also need to do a lot of work to learn everything that is expected of them! It can be a difficult balance to strike. Some pupils find it beneficial to make a time schedule for doing all their work so that everything gets done, and they still have the freedom to rest. But is this the best way? Below are several reasons for and against setting up a schedule for homework.

  • Against: it can be stressful
  • Knowing that you can’t overrun on a particular piece of homework can stress you out and, therefore, impede your ability to think. This can mean that you don’t manage to finish something completely to a good enough standard.

  • Against: it can be too rigid
  • Knowing that you have to stick to your timetable can mean that you don’t necessarily do the work as and when you might feel like it, which can make you unmotivated. Sometimes, pupils will feel like completely their maths problems or be inspired to write an essay, but if it isn’t written down on the schedule, then the moment will pass without the work getting done.

  • For: it can increase your working speed
  • If you manage to keep to schedule, occasionally you will find that you manage to get through more work than you previously thought possible. Or, that you usually manage to do. Having a timetable makes you stick to doing a certain amount of homework in a certain period, but often it can motivate you to work faster, which means that you get more done in fewer hours and have plenty of opportunities to rest afterwards!

  • For: it can give you peace of mind
  • If you really understand how you work, how quickly you can complete certain tasks and you know that you can be disciplined, then planning how and when you are going to do your homework can make things much less stressful. If you want too, clear Saturday so that it is completely free. Planning to do all your work throughout the week and knowing that it is possible to get everything finished to have some guilt-free relaxation, then this is possible with a schedule.

In conclusion: it is not necessary to set up a time schedule for completing your homework, but some people will find it useful.


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