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I Want To Know How To Pay Someone To Do My Homework

You need to make sure that you have value for money, the work is accurate and meets your specifications

Check out other peoples experiences

  • Ask a few of your friends if they have paid someone to do their homework. If they have, find out about their experience and whether they thought that the product was good value for money.
  • If you are planning to buy homework at online writing services, check to see if the website has posted recommendations from customers. Bear in mind that you can't always please everyone, so some of the recommendations may not rate as being 10/10, if you are looking at a website that gives 100% positive then they may not be real.

Value for Money

  • To make sure that you are getting value for money you need to make several comparisons. You need to compare, the differences in cost based on the turnaround time, the word count of the document, and whether you need to pay more if graphs and figures are needed.
  • What happens if the piece of work that you have commissioned does not meet your requirements? Does the agency have a policy that is available for you to read, prior to you awarding them and trusting them to produce your work?


  • Would you be able to contact the agency in any other way other than email? Do they display a contact address or telephone number? What if your email was not working and you needed to contact the agency?
  • Are you able to have contact with the writer who is writing your homework? Contact with them is really important as you will be able to pass on to them any instructions that help to complete your work.

Things to watch out for

  • Homework writing agencies that charge you extra for proofreading and editing the work. You may also have to pay extra to have the work scanned by a plagiarism check.
  • You need to know that the work you have asked then to produce is actually bespoke and does not appear on another site or has been submitted by another student.

Reasons not to pay someone to do your homework

  • You may find it difficult to explain your homework if tutor asks you about particular aspects of its content.
  • The homework may be part of a series of concepts based on that activity and you may not have the background knowledge to complete it.
  • The work may not be the same standard that you normally produce. If you work is a higher of lower standard than you usual work this may seem a little suspicious.

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