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In Search Of Effective Homework Help For Comparative Literature

Students of comparative literature are tasked with studying, analysing and comparing texts from literatures in two or more languages. In comparative literature, the diversity of circumstances like history and geography are taken into account along with the different state of affairs in the places where the literatures were written. An important consideration in comparative literature is the time and place where the pieces were composed.

  • Time and place
  • The basic rule for composing comparative literature is to compare literature pieces that were written around the same time in different places. This gives an opportunity to the researcher to know and compare two different places merely through the literature of the respective places. Such studies also tell a lot about the societies from which the writers hail and how two different societies influence the writings of writers of presumably equal potential.

  • Law of oblivion
  • The law of oblivion was an important protocol developed in the history of comparative literature studies. It is important that the two writers must not have known each other. If this condition is not fulfilled, it will be considered that one writer has been influenced by the writing of the other. It can be true for one or both the writers. In effect this law ensures that.

    • There are very little chances of plagiarism
    • The work was not translated from one language to the other
    • The two pieces were not developed in conformity
    • The works are actually independent of each other
  • Societal circumstances
  • Your teachers will tell you often to analyse the societal circumstances in which separate works were developed. These circumstances need to be analysed very differently and you should strive for covering every aspect of the writers’ society which could have had a role in shaping up the work of the writer. Consider that the economy could also play a great hand in shaping the overall societal mind-set of the place.

The socio-economical equation aside, education is an important factor that you cannot ignore at any cost. There are many sites that highlight the role of education in influencing the larger psychology of the mass and the writer at an individualistic level. Mind that there have been instances where writers have gone on to study a lot despite belonging to a society that did not furnish very high levels of education.

On the whole, your homework in comparative literature should pay heed to all the aspects of the two writers, their societies, education and upbringing.


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