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Who Can Help You With Trigonometry Homework: 4 Good Suggestions

  1. Ask your tutor.
  2. If you are having difficulty with trigonometry, have a chat with your tutor. They may not be aware that you are experiencing difficulties or you may find that there are other students who are experiencing a similar difficulty to you and therefore the tutor may suggest that they go over the work in class.

    Your tutor may suggest a homework club that specifically help with a things mathematical. This is great if the tutor supporting the club is a math tutor. Or you can work with a couple of friends and have your own support group and learn from each other. You may have a friend or relative who is a trigonometry specialist.

  3. Learning Support.
  4. Your school or college may have a Learning Support Department. Some students may receive support from this department, but others may just need the occasional support. Have a chat with one of the Learning Support Tutors to see if they can provide you with a few sessions with your trigonometry homework.

    There is a downside to help from Learning Support, there may not be enough tutors to provide support for every subject in the school. Also at certain times in the academic year especially before exams, and coursework deadlines that may already be overworked.

  5. Online homework support.
  6. Check out what is available online. Use an academic search engine to find homework support and look for websites that specialise in all aspects of Math at the level you are working at. Look for recommendations from other students and access to examples of work and the fees that they charge.

    Look for a site that provides contact with a specialist tutor. They may be able to help you on a one-to-one basis or offer a one off tutorial. There are some websites that offer tutorials and homework writing services, for quality work the cost is high, so make sure that you shop around.

  7. Online Video.
  8. There are several sites that offer online video instruction. Some are really good. One of the best reasons for looking for these videos is that you will be able to view all or part of the video whenever you want. The videos are usually designed and produced by qualified tutors.

    To access the instructional videos you may need to sign up to the web site. The majority of the videos are free, but if there is a cost make sure that the details are very clear about billing otherwise your trigonometry homework help will end up as much as your tuition fees for a degree.


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