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How To Get Away With Not Doing Your Homework: Top 5 Suggestions

Let’s be honest for a minute. Homework is boring. What is the purpose of all that extra work outside of school time?

People say that it has any number of benefits. They assign it so you can practice or apply knowledge of what you learned that day or check that you have understood the lesson. But that could all be done in class, right?

What about the people who say that it is also there so your parents can see that you are progressing? That’s easily dealt with: do not tell your parents what your assignments are that way they cannot keep checking up on you.

Seriously, not for a minute should you consider avoiding part of your coursework – it could hurt your grades. But if you have checked that this particular piece of work is not marked then you can start coming up with your best excuse ever.

Important note

Check your sang-froid. Keep calm and collected. If you look nervous as you tell your excellently practiced excuse, you will give the game away.

Five plausible excuses for parents and teachers.

  1. For parents who keep a check on you. If you did not manage to avoid telling your parents about the assignment, then keep two tabs open on your computer. Keep a spreadsheet or text document open and minimize your browser when you hear the tell-tale clump of parental jackboots on the stairs.
  2. Your computer crashed last night. Who has not had that happen? And you forgot to save what your work. You spent the whole evening working your computer, so you had no time to rework the assignment.
  3. The “was I here?” excuse. You are sure you were off sick that day, so you never received the task. Or could you explain the work again, please miss, I could not figure out the instructions when I got home. Chances are, if the work is not going to be marked anyway, the teacher will forget to ask for any work later than everyone else.
  4. Your volunteer work. You had to go out for that extra little task last night – may as well make your virtue pay off, in this case.
  5. Truth. It has novelty value. I doubt your teacher has heard much truth about why homework was not done. Whatever version you choose, do not lay it on too thick, teachers know the story of the exaggerating fisherman as well.

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