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Looking For Free Online Help With Math Homework

Math is a difficult subject, and it is not uncommon to need help with the more difficult problems. You have to realize that looking online for help should only be your last resort. Before consulting the internet, you should first try and get help from a teacher or a friend. If that fails then, the internet can be a useful tool.

Online calculators

If your problem is an algebraic or computational problem such as financial mathematics, then there are lots of complex online calculators that they can find your answer for you. Simply search for an algebraic or graphic calculator and the website will find the answer for you. The important thing is to try and figure out how to find the answer yourself. The purpose of math homework is to teach understanding through problem-solving; if you simply find the answer without attempting to solve the problem yourself you won’t learn anything.

Online tutors or forums

If your problem can’t be solved with a calculator, such as a problem involving words or figures, then you should consult a person online. There are lots of online sites that offer math tutors, but they have an often have a payment associated with them. Before you pay for help, you should try and consult a math forum. Simply search for a math forum online and register an account. Be sure to search for an active forum. Somewhere on the webpage, normally the bottom, it should indicate how many users are online. Try and find a forum with at least five or ten online users. After you have registered an account, you can simply go to the appropriate section and post your question. Bear in mind that you won’t get a reply immediately, and it might take some time for someone to respond.

Posting your question

It is important that you type out your question accurately, and highlight which part you are struggling with. The person replying should be able to describe and help with the part that you are having issues with.

Doing research

The other option is simply to research the subject of math you are dealing with, maybe even finding similar example questions online. Read through the example questions or explanation of the topic thoroughly and try to pinpoint the exact part that you are struggling to understand. Remember that in mathematics there is no true shortcut to the answer, before finding the answer you need to understand the background knowledge that the problem requires.


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