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How To Find A Math Homework Help Tutor Online For Free

When it comes to getting math help, students need to find a tutor. There are websites that offer answers to math homework problems, but these answers will not teach the student how to actually do the assignment. For the student to actually understand the concept, they need a tutor that can lead the way.

Ask Questions

Before choosing a specific tutor, students should always ask questions. They need to make sure that the tutor is actually trained in mathematics. At the very least, the tutor should have an undergraduate degree in the subject. In addition, the tutor should possess several years of experience in the field. By asking these questions in advance, students can prevent problems from developing later on.

Finding a Match

Even the best tutor may not be the right one for a specific student. If the tutor's least favorite subject is geometry, then the student will not want to have their help with just geometry homework. Likewise, the tutor must be available during the same hours as the student. Even online tutors will have set an availability that the student has to work around.

Student-Teacher Ratio

To get a free or inexpensive tutor, the student may have to share sessions with other students. For some students, this approach is perfectly fine. As a rule, there should be a maximum of four students in a tutoring session. If there are more students, it will take away from the student's one-on-one time with the tutor. A smaller student-teacher ratio is the best way for the student to get the attention that they need to succeed.

Prepare for Some Concessions

If the student wants to have a free tutor, they may have to give up one of the previous requirements. A high school teacher with 30 years of experience is unlikely to offer tutoring services for free. Instead, the student may end up with a tutor who is currently in college and has a firm grasp on mathematics.

Go to a Tutoring Center

One of the traditional sources of free tutoring services has been on campus. Colleges will normally have a tutoring center located on the campus. This center is generally open during the daytime and early evening hours. Depending on the college, the student may be able to have unlimited tutoring hours or a set amount of help. With either option, the student can get the one-on-one, reliable tutoring help that they need for free.


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